6 Basic Things You Don’t Utilize Any longer because of The Lockdown

6 Basic Things You Don't Utilize Any longer because of The Lockdown
6 Basic Things You Don't Utilize Any longer because of The Lockdown

After the President reported that there would have been a 2-week lockdown, the greater part of us thought “gracious that will be simple” yet we are scarcely finished with week 2 and everybody is going insane.

fourteen days of being inside and simply living in bed, here are a few things we realize you certainly haven’t utilized in for a little while


Alright women, we realize you aren’t wearing any bras at home. ‘Free your titties’ season is here in any case and ermm please… take this minute to wash those bras. It’s been a very long time since you last washed them. it would be ideal if you


Women, remove the one time you pulled out your cosmetics to do the Don’t Surge Challenge and you’d understand that, it’s been some time since you drew your eyebrows or even utilized some lipstick. Your establishment must feel extremely futile at this moment.

Nice garments

We should not imagine we wake up each day and wear something new. You are at home. In bed. You are unquestionably wearing the equivalent shada you wore a week ago Monday when you said “Lockdown Day 1! How about we do this!”

Your shoes

Those of you with noteworthy racks brimming with heels and tennis shoes and pleasantly cleaned shoes… they’re lovely to take a gander at huh? However, take a gander at you presently, strolling around shoeless or in washroom shoes.

Shaving sticks

Who are you shaving for??? Whiskers are appearing as though mats and we realize you aren’t shaving your different territories like you used to. You aren’t going anyplace at any point in the near future so… there’s no point right??


It’s interesting how fuel costs are truly low yet you can’t be amped up for it since you are stuck at home with no place to go. Now and again sit in the vehicle and imagine you are speeding down the Tema Motorway. In any event you can race some fanciful vehicles in your mind and there’d be zero mishaps!

At the present time, you’ve lost it. You are disappointed, drained and fourteen days isn’t finished at this point! You are prepared to tear your hair out and haul your eyes out, out of weariness. Now, you are all set out there and discover the solution for the coronavirus yourself!


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